U/S partners with communities to champion their stories as the way to address social topics that matter to them.

Through collecting narratives surrounding a social concern, inspiring art from these narratives, and gathering the community together to hear, see, and interact with these stories, United Story fosters community-owned action in the form of solutions generated in on-the-spot community innovation labs. Rather than creating yet another new “project,” United Story facilitates the organization of stories and the catalyzing of story-based solutions.


We believe in the power of the story.

We believe that every individual has a story to tell, and every story serves as a means by which members across communities can connect, educate, and empower each other toward action.

As we honor the diversity of our narratives, we recognize that they unveil insight to the myriad of experiences, journeys, and histories that are shared amongst us. We value this as we listen, engage, and foster opportunities for these stories to be expressed and amplified. We recognize that in times of societal hardship, unrest, and social challenge, our stories bind us, opening pathways for change to occur and for progress to be made. By engaging the intrinsic values, wisdom, and possibilities inhabited in our individual narratives, we can build the tools, inspire the ideas, take the actions, and create the connections necessary to move us toward collective impact.

We revere the power of our United Story as we embrace our shared journey toward change.

Our Values

Listening | Intersectionality & Diversity | Integrity & Respect | Provision of Safe, Inclusive Space | Bold Expression | Curiosity | Action & Innovation | Dialogue & Collaboration | Sustainability & Balance | Openness

The Story of U/S

Ideas for United Story were sparked in 2009 from The Stories Project, a graphic design campaign that collected the personal narratives of students at Washington University in St. Louis and visually translated them into posters that were canvassed across the campus. The purpose of this project was to allow students to identify the commonalities of their experiences in the face of diversity and inclusion challenges that they faced.
United Story spread into the larger community and became known as We Are Storied in 2011. Through this project series, we piloted a mobile story exchange through partnership with The Barter Collective. Using its Art Truck in our Thanksgiving Day project, Thank:Share, we engaged street dwellers in Denver, CO, in storytelling, service, and fellowship.
In 2013, these efforts emerged as the United Story venture of the team at Civic Creatives as a means to support community-driven ideas to combat selected social challenges of interest to them. With this emerged the monthly United Story Nights and United Story Campus.
In 2014, United Story expanded as a 2014 Commitment to Action with the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Our Team

United Story is powered by Civic Creatives, a social impact design team based in St. Louis, MO. Civic Creatives produces interactive events, tools, and products to help community members identify, prototype, and actualize creative solutions to the issues that affect them most.

Cambrie NelsonUnited Story Co-Organizer

De Andrea NicholsUnited Story Co-Organizer

Sophie Lipman, United Story Summit 2015, Co-Organizer