• Event Time 4:32 am-4:32 am
  • Event Start Date November 20, 2015
  • Event Location 6128 Delmar Boulevard

Fall 2015 United Story Summit

The Fall 2015 United Story Summit bridges narratives and perspectives across communities to create innovative approaches to social and civic topics that concern them.

After a year-long series of engagements with digital stories and narrative projects regarding police brutality and social justice issues within the United States, the 2015 U/S Summit culminates to provide interactive space for participants to experience the stories, fuse ideas, and produce collaborative solutions. U/S Summit attendees stand the chance to have their ideas chosen by audience vote to be developed and actualized with support by the Summit’s organizers, sponsors, and partners.

Join us November 20-21 to explore the 2015 U/S Summit’s essential question: “How we might more effectively evoke a greater understanding of and response to the social injustices that have emerged over the past year?”

On the first day of the two-day Summit (November 20th from 6pm to 9pm), get inspired from a community-based interactive storytelling exhibit, featuring video art, poetic performances, live story-slamming, and visual projects by local St. Louis artists who have responded to social justice issues in the region and across the nation.

The second day of the U/S Summit (November 21st from 9am to 3pm) will gather attendees for a discussion and innovation lab inspired by the Summit’s theme and the topics, challenges, and opportunities exhibited in the previous night. Participants will join together with speakers and experts to develop community-created action projects ideas and bring them to life! Through community vote, one novel idea will be selected to receive incubative support from the Summit’s partners.

How does the United Story Summit help spark social action?

1. Connect

With invitation from key gatekeepers and stakeholders, we begin the United Story process by partnering with communities to learn more about the cause(s) that matter to them.

2. Collect

We activate various media to creatively collect and compile stories that are of/from the community.  This process allows us to visualize the collective narrative–the united story.

3. Collaborate

We engage with community partners to share the community’s collective narrative back with its members and stakeholders.

4. Convene

We bring this series of experiences together via the United Story Summit—a gathering with the community and those invested in addressing their social challenge. Together, we engage the stories through reflection, discussion, and idea development.

5. Create

During this final step, we support the community as it designs ideas and actions through United Story’s Story Innovation Lab.